4 ideas, recipes for a perfect football party

Posted at 2:31 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 17:31:20-04

Football season is finally here, so crank up your crock pots and enjoy the game!

Blogger Jenn Bare stopped by ABC15 to share some simple recipes the whole family can enjoy, as well as a super cute themed snack for game day.

Football fruit

Make a sweet and semi-healthy snack with strawberries, chocolate and some leather stitches--chocolate leather, of course.

Traditional chocolate-dipped strawberries can be easily made to look like miniature footballs with a few lines of white chocolate or candy coating. See how Bare made them in the video player above.

Eat by the book--the playbook

Make X's and O's with Little Smokies and meatballs, or whatever other similarly shaped foods strike your fancy. Jenn Bare made a meaty barbecue recipe that's perfect to keep warm in the crock pot and eat right off a toothpick. (Bonus points if you get themed food picks!)

Best-of-everything dip

If you can't decide between tasty barbecue, cheesy nachos or chicken wings, put them all together with this delicious dip. With just seven ingredients and a crock pot, you can have a warm, cheesy dip with just a little bit of a kick.

Sip on the sidelines

Dress up a simple Coke (or whatever else might be in your cup) by using mason jars and some squares of astro turf.

Decorate the outside of your jar with white strips to look like football laces and use the turf as a drink coaster and you're set. Combined with the football chocolate-covered strawberries, you're themed party is already a go.

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