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This company will pay you $1,031 to face your irrational fears

This company will pay you $1,031 to face your irrational fears
Posted at 7:20 AM, Nov 02, 2021

Do you have a fear that you consider irrational and you wish you didn’t have it?

Fear, as an emotion, is a normal part of life, protecting humans from potentially dangerous situations. Some fears are rational, unless they’re taken to extremes. Other fears, like the fear of spiders, dolls and clowns (while creepy), are less based in reality and are much more individual. is looking for someone willing to face their irrational fear head-on and will be offering up $1,031 to do so. Whether it’s public speaking or needles, any fear will do — as long as it scares you.

If you have a fear and want to apply, just submit your application and explain what your fear is, why you want to face it and why you should be chosen. If you are chosen, the company will arrange a challenge for you to complete that addresses your fear. For example, if you’re afraid of heights, they may sign you up for a session at a climbing gym. If you’re afraid of clowns, they might get you tickets to go to the circus.

As long as your fear isn’t too dangerous and doesn’t compromise your personal information, you have at this prize. Once you’ve faced your fear, you’ll earn $1,031. You have until Nov. 8 at noon MT to apply. Those chosen will receive an email within two weeks.


Not sure what your most irrational fear is? created a list of the Most Searched Phobias in America, finding that “fear of failure” is the most-searched fear in 10 states as opposed to four last year.  Unsurprisingly, the states that searched the most for “fear of water” tend to live close to bodies of water. Other phobias that made the list included the fear of blood, fear of failure and fear of intimacy.

The United Brain Association also lists some common phobias, like dentophobia, the fear of dentists and somniphobia, the fear of sleep. Of course, not everyone likes the dentist. But for this to truly be considered a phobia, the fear would actually keep you from going — not just make your nervous while you’re getting your teeth cleaned.

What is your most irrational fear?

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