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Father and son bond at Fountain Hills disc golf course

Posted at 4:46 PM, May 13, 2019

PHOENIX, Ariz – Many have seen the world famous fountain in the center of Fountain Hills. The waterworks show shoots up to 560 feet, that’s 10 feet higher than Notre Dame Cathedral and three times higher than Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. However, Pete and his son Asher aren’t here to visit the fountain.

“Two years after my son was born, rather than stay inside and watch tv, I put him in the stroller. I got myself a big stroller and we hit the course,” said Fountain Hills Disc Golf Club member, Pete Ulibarri.

Ulibarri is a stay at home dad and a top-ranked disc golf champ in Arizona. In case our readers are wondering, disc golf is played just like regular golf, except they use frisbees.

When most people play disc golf they think it’s about the flick of the wrist, but it’s more about throwing a straight line and movement of the hips. As a lover of the sport– Pete put a disc in his son Asher’s hands’ when he was just under two years old and he hasn’t let go since.

“It’s my favorite thing ever”, said Asher Ulibarri.

Remember the time when parents would gain a new hobby, that means their children would pick up the habit.

“Since he’s been this big, he’s been throwing them and kind of a cool little talent. He can emulate most of the top players and the way they put it’s like watching someone emulate Lebron or Kobe,” said Ulibarri.

Asher says his favorite course would be a split between Ironwood and Red Mountain because it’s shorter holes to make a hole in one.

“The community of disc golfers are amazing, they invite you in it doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is any of that grab a disc and come play. I love playing this sport, gives me something competitive to do it’s given me a whole family of people around Phoenix and Arizona,” says Ulibarri.