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Doll Skin Jams, Talks Women in Rock

Posted at 1:38 PM, Apr 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-01 16:53:54-04

Don’t sleep on Doll Skin. 

The Phoenix-born, all-girl rock band dropped by Your Phoenix CW studio for an exclusive interview and jam session. 

In a male-dominated genre, Doll Skin has always faced an uphill battle for notoriety. 

“Definitely people are going to judge us more than they’re going to judge a band of all judge girls,” Nicole Rich, bassist for Doll Skin. “Always in the music industry always have to work 150 percent harder to kind of make a name for themselves and to stand out because people are so quick to judge you and to second guess you.”

“Not to generalize like, ‘if you’re a dude in a band, you’re subpar.’ we don’t mean that!” said Alex Snowden, lead guitar for Doll Skin. “There are very different expectations, the blanketing message that there are very different expectations and we have to be aware of that.”

When it comes to going toe to toe with the boys, there’s no backing down. 

“Alex will just wipe the floor with her guitar because she can just shred her heart out. And the guys who are watching her are just like… ‘excuse me?,’ said Meghan Herring, drummer for Doll Skin, “They just kind of like take a step back. 

“At the same time we’ve faced a lot of misjudgment,” said lead singer Sydney Dolezal We’ve also been a part of really great tours and really shows where these people are really excited about females in the industry. 

if you’d like to see them play… ahem… I mean shred… they’ll be at the Van Buren in June.