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Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Is Now Available At Kroger

Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Is Now Available At Kroger
Posted at 12:50 PM, Jul 21, 2021

There’s no doubt that every child’s favorite part of visiting Chuck E. Cheese is the games, but the restaurant chain’s pizza is also a huge draw.

While you’ll still have to head to Chuck E. Cheese to play alley bowling and arcade games, you no longer have to go to a franchise location to enjoy the iconic pizza. You can now find Chuck E. Cheese pepperoni or cheese pizza in the frozen food aisles of Kroger stores nationwide.

The new Chuck E. Cheese frozen pizzas are $6.99 each and include an offer for 250 free e-tickets that can be used for future visits at any participating Chuck E. Cheese location. The frozen pizzas may be available at other stores eventually, but for now, they are exclusive to Kroger.

Chuck E. Cheese has made a variety of changes during the last few years — some of which seem geared toward improving the experience for grown-ups.

Many of the locations have updated their decor and they’ve added adult-friendly menu items, like wraps, gluten-free pizza and even alcohol. Remodeled locations will also feature open pizza kitchens, where kids and parents can watch as cooks prepare their pizzas.

Chuck E. Cheese

The newly designed locations are also missing the animatronic bands (surely to the relief of some parents!), replacing the robot musicians with an illuminated dance floor where a live Chuck E. Cheese dances with the children.

In 2019, the chain added a cauliflower crust pizza to the menu to help kids (and adults) eat their veggies. Chuck E. Cheese teamed up with the cauliflower-forward food company Caulipower to offer the cauliflower-based pizza.

Chuck E. Cheese Super Cauli Crust Pizza

For the summer season this year, you could try a very different kind of pizza at Chuck E. Cheese: a super-sweet dessert pizza. The Summer Pizza is a personal-sized pizza topped with a strawberry “sauce,” white icing and Sour Patch Kids candy bits.

Will you be heading to Kroger to pick up some Chuck E. Cheese pizza to enjoy at home?

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