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Idaho Ski Resort Formerly Owned By Bruce Willis And Demi Moore Is For Sale For $800K

Idaho Ski Resort Formerly Owned By Bruce Willis And Demi Moore Is For Sale For $800K
Posted at 9:00 AM, Apr 29, 2019

Yes, most ski resorts have closed for the season by now — but it’s never too early to start imagining a run down the slopes next winter. And why not dream big? Imagine owning an entire ski resort. You’d have fresh tracks access anytime you’d like and would never have to purchase a lift ticket. Beats making snow angels in the backyard, doesn’t it?

That next season could be quite dreamy indeed, if you’ve got the cash! Soldier Mountain, a ski resort in southern Idaho, is up for sale by its current owners. Diane and Matt McFerran, who have owned Soldier Mountain since 2015, are ready to pass the torch on to someone else who’d like to run this ski industry gem.

Soldier Mountain

Soldier Mountain has a fascinating history: Two friends founded the resort in 1948 after watching the Olympic Trials in Sun Valley. That’s not all — Bruce Willis and Demi Moore once owned the resort. They skied there with their family for nearly two decades before donating the resort to a local nonprofit created to manage it.

Visionary Women Honors Demi Moore in Celebration of International Women's Day
Getty Images | Vivien Killilea

Many smaller, independent resorts have been scooped up by larger ski companies, so it’s even more special that this resort remains independent and community-focused.

Investment Opportunity

Why is this dream property available? There are no major problems lurking under the piles of snow. Instead, it has ample potential for expansion and growth that are a bit much for the current owners to handle. However, any new owners should be prepared to invest additional funds into the property to realize Soldier Mountain’s full potential.

“I hope someone with vision and resources buys Soldier and implements several improvements to bring it to the next level, truly making it a destination ski area,” said Diane McFerran.

And the McFerrans are happy to linger to help the new owners through the transition with their insights and expertise. They see opportunities for sustainable improvements, cat skiing expansion and lodging development, among other possible upgrades.

Soldier Mountain | Marjorie McBride

All Inclusive

Diane McFerran says the $800,000 asking price covers the full turn-key operation. Everything is included, and there are no hidden costs.

Soldier Mountain has a lot going for it. Located in the Sawtooth National Forest, the resort includes ample terrain for skiers of all ability levels. There are 1,142 total skiable acres serviced by three chairlifts. Within that space, 36 different trails traverse the resort’s 1,400-foot vertical drop.

Soldier Mountain

Beyond the main resort boundaries, 2,000 more acres of cat-skiing terrain can be found. Here, small groups of no more than 12 skiers can take guided tours and enjoy a safe backcountry day all to themselves.

It’s not all about the mountain, either. The new owners will also get a base lodge with a restaurant and a pub.

Solider Mountain | Tacie Wright

Bright Future

Part of the resort’s success may have to do with its philosophy, which focuses on togetherness and fun. We already know Soldier Mountain provided that for years of A-lister family vacations!

“We believe playing together is an important part of family and life,” the Soldier Mountain website reads. “It’s important to us that everyone is able to enjoy the day on Soldier Mountain with family and friends.”

That fun isn’t just limited to the winter months, either — it can continue all year round. During the summer, the area offers ample hiking. Mountain biking trails are currently in development.

So, are you ready to own the place yet? If you’re not sure you can handle Soldier Mountain, Dianne McFerran offers some encouragement.

“My advice to potential owners is to dream big and work hard!” McFerran said. “Soldier is an incredible mountain with a lot of potential.”

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