5 ways to stay up-to-date on election coverage

Posted at 10:46 AM, Sep 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 09:30:56-04

If you like to be in the know, you know how difficult it is to stay on top of the endless influx of presidential election news and information. The candidates do something new almost by the minute, and there are plenty of issues to dissect and research. Luckily, CenturyLink can help.

Not only is access to election news important in helping you make your decision, it keeps you aware of trends in the polls and across the country, as well as new developments with issues you care about. Thankfully, these five resources make it easy for you to have constant and accurate access to updated information throughout this important 2016 election season.

1. Election coverage apps

Now is the age of technology, and hardly anyone is without a trusty mobile device. To capitalize on this, take advantage of convenient information updates and even discussion boards available through several helpful mobile apps.

All Politics, on Apple or Android, offers 2016 U.S. election news, polls and results that come in easily digestible pieces. If you want a bit of everything to feed your political appetite, download this free app onto your phone or tablet.

You can also try the free 2016 Election App to follow the latest news on elections, voting and debates. Enjoy this information with optional push notifications, in a bipartisan format.



2. Newspaper subscriptions

If you’re interested in something in-depth but still short enough to read in one sitting, consider getting a national newspaper subscription. Whether you prefer the feel of the Sunday paper or want access to it on your phone, you’ll find digital and print versions are a good way to keep up on current events.

The New York TimesThe Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune are good places to start. Peruse a few different papers to find your favorite before you pay the subscription.

3. Radio programs

Talk radio might not always be what you want to listen to on your morning commute, but a surprising number of radio stations offer political discussion and insights for both sides of the political climate.

Because you can’t use your mobile device safely while driving, tune into some of the country’s top political radio stations, including networks like NPR.

4. Fiber optic enabled TV

Although television allows for instant viewing of speeches, debates and more, when you're unavailable to watch, your dish or satellite services may be missing a channel or failing to record an event. To ensure you get all the information and election coverage you crave, look into fiber optic enabled streaming services, like Prism TV.

5. DVR and mobile viewing options

Not only can you record multiple channels and debates with Prism TV’s DVR, you can view any combination of networks and shows no matter where you are, with on-the-go features. If you’re not home during an important debate, simply enable the on-the-go viewing on your tablet or smartphone. You can view anything and everything you want at the speed of lightning-fast internet.

There will be no more fear of missing out for you — instead, all the election and primetime debate coverage you could want, right at your fingertips. Using a service like Prism TV also ensures your television viewing is lightning fast because it’s supported by an incredibly powerful network of fiber optic technology. To keep up on everything in this year’s election, sign up for CenturyLink’s Prism TV service today.