5 ways new tech saves you money

Posted at 12:53 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 15:57:02-04

It seems like every day we hear about new technology or services geared toward making life easier. Use them to your financial advantage.

With these five tips, your family can easily cut costs and focus on saving money.

Online coupon directories 

Websites such as allow you to browse through available store coupons and deals. We all have to grocery shop, so save money on this frequent task. Also, sites like direct you to deals for local classes, products and establishments. These are easy resources to help you find the best deals and save some money.

Get rid of your landline reports the average cost of basic phone service with unlimited calls is $15-30 a month. Many cellphone providers allow you to add a line to your plan, especially on a basic phone, for a small amount. Check with your cellphone provider to see if adding another line and getting rid of your landline would cut down on overall cost. You can also utilize services such as Google Voice which can allow you to make a phone call with an internet connection.



Identity theft protection

Online purchases and profiles, medical insurance, personal records, your Social Security number — all of these can help someone steal your identity, and that is a costly experience. Luckily, there are identity theft protection services that help you monitor your personal information in this high-tech world. For more information on some of these services, check out the identity theft protection services review on

Alternatives to cable

Gone are the days when cable was the only option for watching your favorite shows and movies. With services such as HuluNetflixSlingTVAmazon Prime and so on, you can choose an option that will not only be a good fit for your family, but also cost-effective. Most alternative services cost far less per month than cable.

Online bill pay

Are you still using snail mail for your bill payments? The cost of checks and possibly stamps may be an unnecessary expense. Many financial institutions have online bill pay and you can electronically send your payment without writing a physical check. This is usually free or is available at a low cost.

Sometimes using technology to save money is as simple as recycling or donating the old and investing in new, cost-effective advances. Choose what is right for you, your family and your wallet.