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Boba-like strawberry ‘Popping Bubbles’ are coming to Dunkin’s menu

Boba-Like Strawberry ‘Popping Bubbles’ Are Coming To Dunkin’s Menu
Posted at 11:10 AM, Jun 24, 2021

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your morning beverage, Dunkin’ has added something to their menu that should do just that: Popping Bubbles!

The small bursting bubbles pop in your mouth and can be added to any Dunkin’ iced or frozen beverage for an additional charge. The bubbles are strawberry flavored, so keep that in mind when deciding if you want them added to your drink.

Made with color sourced from plants, the bubbles would go best in fruity-flavored drinks, like Dunkin’ coconut refreshers or lemonade. All popping bubbles beverages are served with a wide paper straw created specifically for the bubbles so they will not get stuck when you’re sipping your drink.


The new popping bubbles from Dunkin’ are similar to what you would find in a boba, or bubble tea. Have you tried boba? According to Delish, these drinks usually have a tea base that’s combined with milk or fruit flavoring, then poured over pearls. The pearls themselves are usually made with tapioca starch and may be chewy or, like with Dunkin’s drink, pop in your mouth.

While the drink is quite popular in some places, if you want to try it before trying Dunkin’s bubbles and can’t find a place offering it near you, you can try making your own. This recipe from Healthy Nibbles takes a bit of time to make, but it looks pretty fun and interesting if you’re up for the task!


If you’d rather stick to things you don’t have to make yourself, the new popping bubbles drink isn’t the only new creation from Dunkin’ you’ll be able to get your hands on this summer.

They have also added a new pink-hued berry powdered doughnut to their menu, three new lemonade refreshers and three new coffees: smoked vanilla cold brew with sweet cold foam, smoked vanilla iced latte and sunrise batch iced coffee.

Smoked vanilla cold brew with sweet cold foam features Dunkin’s cold brew with new smoked vanilla-flavored syrup, topped with sweet cold foam and hot chocolate powder. The smoked vanilla iced latte blends the brand’s espresso with smoked vanilla syrup.

Lastly, the new sunrise batch iced coffee is a medium roast featuring notes of cocoa and toasted nuts. You can get a medium-sized iced (or hot version if you’d prefer) sunrise batch coffee for just $2 through July 20.


Which new summer treat from Dunkin’ will you be trying first?

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