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Baileys’ Colada Tastes Like A Piña Colada

Baileys’ Colada Tastes Like A Piña Colada
Posted at 7:15 AM, Mar 23, 2021

If piña coladas are one of your go-to warm-weather drinks, your summer cocktail hour just got a whole lot easier.

Not a complicated drink to make, a typical piña colada is made with rum, coconut cream or milk, and pineapple juice, then blended until frozen. Thanks to Baileys, however, you can now skip all the steps other than pouring it in a glass because they just dropped a new flavor in time for spring: Baileys Colada!

The new limited edition Baileys Colada is a blend of Irish Cream with the flavors of creamy coconut and sweet, juicy pineapple. Baileys says the latest creation is smooth and creamy and ready to serve straight from the fridge. Available nationwide, it has 17% ABV (alcohol by volume).


While you can drink Baileys Colada straight or over ice, the brand also has some recipes you may want to try if you’re looking for something more.

The Baileys Colada recipe uses a blender to mix the liqueur with frozen pineapple to create a frozen treat. Or, if you’re looking for even more of a dessert, the Baileys Colada on Ice calls for 1.7 ounces of the Baileys Colada, plus vanilla ice cream, raspberries, coconut and pineapple.


This is the second new product from Bailey’s in just a few months. The brand released Baileys Deliciously Light in February, a version of their Baileys Original Irish Cream, but made with 40% less sugar and 40% fewer calories than Baileys Original Irish Cream.

The new liqueur has 139 calories per 2.5 ounces, compared to the original, which has 233 calories. You can find it in stores nationwide for around $24.99 for a 750-ml bottle.


There are also several other Baileys flavors, including Strawberries & Cream, Red Velvet and Apple Pie. You can also buy Baileys Salted Caramel Cold Brew in a can, which is made with 100% Arabica coffee, but no alcohol, so you can enjoy the creamy flavor of Baileys anytime and anywhere.

If you’re looking for other spring drink flavors like the Baileys piña colada, RumChata Limón is now available nationwide just in time for warm weather. Made with Caribbean rum, cream, vanilla and lemon, RumChata Limón has a fresh, creamy lemon finish and is packaged in a bright yellow version of the iconic RumChata bottle.


Will you be picking up a bottle of the new Bailey’s Colada to make some spring and summer cocktails?

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