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This Assisted Living Facility Took ‘back-to-school’ Photos Of Its Residents And They’re Amazing

This Assisted Living Facility Took ‘back-to-school’ Photos Of Its Residents And They’re Amazing
Posted at 7:35 AM, Aug 30, 2019

There are plenty of adorable photos on social media of kids starting the new school year, but we may have just found the most endearing “back-to-school” photos of all.

Garden View Assisted Living in Carroll, Iowa wins for having the cutest photos — the staff took pictures of the residents there and posted them with the hashtags #youngatheart and #lifelonglearners. The photos are so fun!

Each resident is holding a sign, similar to what children hold for their first-day photos. The Garden View residents’ signs include their names and ages and the years that they finished high school.

The assisted living center posted the photos to Facebook:

Each resident offered advice for current students, such as this piece of wisdom from Arlene, who is 93 years old: “Pay attention when your teachers talk.”

Here she is in her Facebook photo:

Check out the advice from Loretta, who listed her age as 94 and 3/4:


Garden View Assisted Living has a very lively Facebook page. It often showcases residents on their birthdays and during other events at the living facility.

Check out this post featuring fresh produce from the facility’s garden:

And this one capturing a “sexy leg contest” the facility conducted in honor of its state fair:

The Garden View Assisted Living social activities leader knows how to encourage residents to stay active!

We would all be lucky to live in a place like Garden View. Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded on their birthday by an entire community of friends, like 89-year-old Dolores was?

The facility even invites members of the public to sit on its porch or stroll along a path on the grounds. It looks like an amazing way to relax:

Kudos to this assisted living center for its efforts to provide a comfortable and social environment for its residents and their families. Amazing!

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