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Radio DJ is Helping Dogs Find Forever Homes

Posted at 3:48 PM, Jan 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-30 17:48:57-05

Syndicated radio show host Johnjay Van Es from 104.7 KISS FM and his wife Blake love dogs. Together they founded the LovePup Foundation in an effort to rescue and re-home dogs in need out of their Arcadia home. 

They have a family of three boys and six dogs. The Van Es family takes in abandoned and owner-surrendered dogs from the Greater Phoenix Area and provide them with shelter, food and medical attention.

Since its inception around 2013, the organization has assisted in the rescue and re-homing of over 500 dogs.

Each pup brought into their residence is encouraged to socialize with other dogs and play with their boys.

It’s real life living for each of these dogs before placement!

“Our commitment to all rescue dogs in our home is to love and care for them so when they transition to their new family, they have all they need to be an amazing family member,” said Johnjay. “Our adoption process is simple and have proven to be effective.”

Each dog is evaluated by a vet, given up-to-date shots and is altered before being placed with their new forever homes.

The non-profit also supports Maricopa County Animal Care through their very own program.

“It’s Hip to Chip” supplies every adopted dog from either shelter location with a microchip, which helps return lost dogs to their owners quicker and more efficiently while alleviating some shelter intake.

“We are so grateful to organizations like Your Phoenix CW for helping to spread awareness about dog adoption,” said Executive Director Jenni Pollack. “Our community suffers from an extreme overpopulation of homeless and unwanted dogs, and #LovePup is on a mission to make adoption and responsible pet ownership top of mind so we can positively move the needle on this issue.”

To learn more about the LovePup Foundation and how you can support the cause, click here