Five Ways To Fight Procrastination

Five Ways To Fight Procrastination
Posted at 2:31 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 20:16:37-04

Procrastination, it’s that thing you do when the last thing you want to do is, that thing.

We’ve all been there… So the question becomes, how do you fight it?

Well ABC15 has done A LOT of research into this very thing so here are our 5 tips to fight procrastination.

First, Admit You’re Procrastinating:

   -If you’re taking on any other task to avoid that one you need to do, then yep you’re procrastinating. Remember the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Second, Time Management:

  -Set goals for yourself. Be sharp about deadlines, and if it’s something you know won’t be due for a while… make the time to complete it earlier! Then it’s out of the away and you’re on to something else.

Third, Divide and Conquer:

  -If the task is a Big One! Don’t fret over it… just divide it into smaller chunks to gradually work on it. Listen, it may seem easier to just sit down and get it all done at once, but chances are you’ll keep putting it off till the time “feels right” and before you know it you’re stressed and pulling an all nighter.

Fourth, Reward Yourself:

  -Setting goals is great, but make sure you reward yourself from completing them. A little motivation can go a long way!

Fifth, Avoid Distractions:

  -Our phones! They help us do amazing things but they can also make it hard to stay on track.

  Do yourself a favor and take steps to prevent your phone and/or computer from distracting you. Like turning off the WIFI for a while…What’s more important checking the score or getting that project done?

And if all else fails there’s always tomorrow :)