Carefree woman tries to cash 17-year-old check, it's still your money

Finding an old check is like getting a bonus you weren't expecting, unless you can't cash it.

Linda in Carefree tells me she was going through some boxes and found an old uncashed check from her insurance company.

It was made out in 2000.

She has the claim number, check number and policy number, but says the company shows no record of the check even existing.

Linda says they referred her to an unclaimed money website.

She searched, but no luck.

Arizona uses to post unclaimed funds. Its a clearinghouse for money left in bank accounts, retirement plans, or insurance companies. But if you lived in other states, you may need to check with them individually.

17 years is long time not to cash a check but your money is still your money. My advice? Send a certified letter asking the insurance company to reissue the check.

If not, file a complaint with the state's department of insurance---to get the company to dig deeper for some answers.

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