The Vig plans to open newest eatery in North Scottsdale in June

SCOTTSDALE - The Vig plans to open its newest location in early summer.

The Vig McDowell Mountain Ranch, VMMR, plans to open its doors in early June, according to Jessie Palm, director of PR and marketing for Genuine Concepts, the restaurant group behind The Vig, Cobra Arcade and The Womack.

That is as long as construction and permits go according to schedule.The restaurant was initially slated to open in April, although it's not uncommon for a restaurant's projected opening date to be pushed back.

VVMR is currently under construction in north Scottsdale's McDowell Mountain Ranch near Bell Road and Thompson Peak. Due to the eatery's close proximity to nearby hiking and biking trails, the restaurant will have an outdoor bathroom and lockers for guests to store their belongings, said Palm.

In terms of the menu offerings, VVMR will have some specialty dishes and cocktails that differ from The Vig's four other locations, said Palm. Specifics were not available yet.


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