MOST ACCURATE FORECAST: Cooling down as storm chances ramp up

Posted at 5:51 AM, Sep 10, 2023

PHOENIX — We started off Sunday morning breaking records with our overnight low of 90 degrees, the previous record was 87 set in 1993.

Sunday afternoon also marked the 55th day this year at 110 degrees or hotter, breaking the record of 53 days set in 2020.

And we set a new daytime high record Sunday at 113 degrees, the previous record was 11 set in 1990.

Thankfully, we don't have any days in the forecast with highs over 110 degrees this week.

In fact, our temperatures will drop to below normal by Tuesday and then hover around 105 the rest of the week.

As we cool things down, we begin to increase our chances for daily storms along the rim, in the high country and even in the Valley on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Winds will be breezy to gusty as the storms roll through with the Valley seeing winds on Tuesday and Wednesday of 35 mph.

Right now rainfall totals don't look impressive for the valley just under a tenth of an inch. The high country could see a quarter to a half an inch of rain.

Stay tuned for more updates as the storm gets closer.


2023 Rainfall totals:

Sky Harbor Official Rainfall: 3.01" (-1.96" from average)

Valley Average (Phoenix Rainfall Index): 3.93"


Daily rainfall reports from all across the Valley can be found here.


Average Monsoon Rainfall in Phoenix (1981-2010): 2.71" of rain

NEW Average Monsoon Rainfall in Phoenix (1991-2020): 2.43" of rain

Average Yearly Rainfall in Phoenix (1981-2010): 8:03" of rain

NEW Average Yearly Rainfall in Phoenix (1991-2020): 7.22" of rain

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