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Scottsdale asking water users to use 5% less, conserve more amid water shortage

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Posted at 10:42 AM, Jan 12, 2022

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Scottsdale is asking everyone in the city to conserve water as the Colorado River supply shortage continues to impact the state. 

Scottsdale water users will not see a shortage of water from their sinks and taps, but the city is asking residents, businesses, and visitors to use “five percent less water," according to a Tuesday update.

The city says 70 percent of residential water use is used outside, meaning it’s especially important to conserve water used in those ways. Outdoor water conservation tips include adjusting sprinkler timers, signing up for specific city programs, and more.

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The city is the first in Arizona to declare Stage One of its Drought Management Plan. 

Stage One means users are asked to conserve. In Stage Two, more restrictions and mandatory water conservation may be imposed by the city. 

Arizona, California, and Nevada have agreed to further reduce their usage of Colorado River water over the next two years as the states figure out ways to prevent critically low water levels in Lake Mead.

The river accounts for 40% of Arizona's water supply.

The states were already preparing for mandatory water cuts in 2022 resulting from the Tier 1 shortage federal declaration.