WATCH: Clemson player costs his team a touchdown by dropping the ball before crossing the goal line

Posted at 3:15 PM, Sep 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-10 18:17:05-04

Have we not learned our lesson by now?

How many times do we have to watch football players, both collegiate and professional, drop the ball before they cross the goal line and cost their team a touchdown?

On Saturday's game between Clemson and Troy, Clemson's Ray Ray McCloud was the latest to make boneheaded move, as his intentional fumbling of the football just before he reached paydirt cost him what would have been a 76-yard punt return for a score.

Instead, a Troy player recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchback. Facepalm.

No doubt McCloud's thanking his lucky stars that Clemson ended up winning 30-24 in spite of his faux pas.

You can compare McCloud's mistake with that of Utah's Kaelen Clay from two years ago. Statistically, Clay's gaffe was worse, as Oregon returned his fumble 100 yards for a touchdown the other way and the Utes went on to lose the game.