Palmer, Fitzgerald couldn't care less about Sports Illustrated picking Cardinals to win Super Bowl

Posted at 5:04 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 20:04:19-04

In this week's issue of Sports Illustrated, which features Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald on the regional cover, senior writer Greg A. Bedard picked the Cards to win Super Bowl LI in February.

The reaction from Fitzgerald and Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer?


"I mean, it's flattering, but I don't think anybody thinks much of it around here," Palmer said Wednesday. "We know that's irrelevant. It really doesn't mean anything.

"It's flattering, but there's so much football, there's so much training camp (left). We're still here until Friday. We have so much on our plates that I don't think anybody's focused on that or thinks much of it."

Bedard predicts the Cards will beat the Steelers in a rematch of Super Bowl XLIII via a last-second Fitzgerald touchdown catch.

Fitzgerald said the cover of the magazine is "cool," but the prediction just doesn't matter.

"It doesn't mean anything," he said. "I wonder (how accurate their) picks are historically."

The Cardinals are looking for their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history. They were narrowly defeated by the Steelers in their one and only Super Bowl appearance eight years ago.