'It's been a 2nd home my whole life': Carson Palmer has strong ties to Arizona and its universities

Posted at 3:11 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 18:11:18-04

Carson Palmer has only been an Arizona Cardinal since 2013, but his family's ties to Arizona are over 60 years old.

And while the 36-year-old Cardinals quarterback won a Heisman Trophy at the University of Southern California, three members of his immediate family have earned degrees at AZ universities.

"It's been a second home my whole life," Palmer said about the Grand Canyon State. "Dad went to UA, Mom went to NAU, brother went to (Arizona) State. Grandparents lived in Arizona. So, I've been coming here forever."

Dale Hallock, former Gilbert mayor and Gilbert Historical Museum trustee emeritus, documented Palmer's family history. He noted Palmer's grandparents moved to Gilbert in the early 1950s,and Palmer's father, Bill, helped lead the Gilbert High School football team to a state championship.

Bill Palmer and his wife moved to California after he attended UA, Hallock noted. And while Palmer is still a die-hard USC Trojan, his dad has instilled a bit of Wildcat red and blue in him.

"I'm still an SC guy but my dad had me rooting for UA back in the day when Coach Lute Olson was there," Palmer said. "I'm an SC guy but I do pull for UA in the (NCAA) Tournament."

Palmer is one of four children, and he and his wife live in Paradise Valley where they're raising four children of their own. Their newest child, a son, was born in February.

Considering Palmer's ties to Arizona and his love for the Cardinals organization, it's no surprise he intends to finish his career right here in the Valley.

"This is our home. We love where we live," he said. "We have a great church. Kids have a great school. I love coming into work. It's home."