'He's a unique cat': Jim Ross remembers Donald Trump's time in WWE

Posted at 2:12 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 16:12:03-05

President-Elect Donald Trump is many things: Billionaire. Real estate mogul. Former reality show host. Professional tweeter.

And he also happens to be a WWE Hall of Famer.

That accolade is thanks to his involvement in Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit in 2007. Going into that event, Trump and WWE chairman Vince McMahon made a wager: Trump would pick a wrestler to represent him, and McMahon would do the same. The loser would have his head shaved bald.

The match was billed as The Battle of the Billionaires.

Of course, McMahon's wrestler lost, so Trump and guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin proceeded to shave McMahon's head in the middle of the ring.

On Thursday, legendary pro wrestling announcer and fellow WWE Hall of Famer "Good Ol' JR" Jim Ross, who just so happened to call that match, stopped by ABC15 and share his memories of his interactions with the soon-to-be president.

"Trump is a unique cat. He is a guy that doesn't want to fail," JR said before his StandUpLive event in Phoenix on Thursday night. "When I was around him, he really wanted to be one of the boys. It's hard for a rich guy with a silver spoon to be one of the boys."

In the weeks of promotion before the match, as well as during the match itself, Trump was willing to play ball in a number of ways. That included taking a "Stone Cold Stunner" from Austin.

"I do know he's a workaholic, he was always early, he was always willing to do things," JR said. "Look: The guy took a stunner.

"I didn't have any issues with him. He was a nice guy, he was very polite and very professional. He loved meeting and talking to the (female wrestlers), but who wouldn't?"

As to how he will conduct himself as president? JR believes Trump is a man who is so consumed with his own reputation that he won't allow the nation to experience decline during his term (or terms).

"I think he's egocentric enough and such a workaholic that he doesn't want to go down as the worst president of all time," JR said.

"I can only say -- and I've got no dog in the hunt here, folks -- give the guy a chance. Going the other way, I'd say the same thing about Hillary."