Diamondbacks expertly troll fan who doubted their success this season

Good rule of thumb: If you make a bold sports prediction on social media, and that prediction turns out wrong, there's a good chance you're going to hear about it.

On Monday, one Arizona resident heard straight from the Arizona Diamondbacks themselves.

In January, a gentleman named Kole Sawyer made the following proclamation via Twitter: "If the @Dbacks get Third Place or better in the NL West in the 2017 season, (then) i will buy season tickets for the next 3 MLB seasons."

The D-backs immediately replied to Sawyer's tweet. "We'll hold you to that," they wrote.

Well, fast-forward eight months. The D-backs are in second place in the National League West division and are likely to make their first playoff appearance since 2011.

So, the D-backs, who apparently tucked that tweet in their back pocket, got back to Sawyer on Monday.

Well played, Diamondbacks social media team. Well played. This season sure has been fun.

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