BLOG: Think Broncos linebacker Von Miller was wrong to turn down a $114 million offer? Think again

Posted at 3:28 PM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 19:55:02-04

One of the main headlines in the sports world right now reads like this:

Von Miller rejects Broncos' 6-year, $114 million offer

It's the largest deal offered in the history of the franchise. So, it's very easy to say, "Really, man? $114 million's not enough?"

But here's why Von Miller does, in fact, have a fair beef here...

Let's break it down this way: Most people see the length and overall amount of an offer, right? Six years. $114 million.

But those are both incredibly deceiving numbers.

No one in the NFL will ever play a full six years under the original terms. The length of a contract is really more for the team to dilute the salary cap impact.

That's the length. How bout the amount: $114 million. That will never be paid in full. Ever.

That amount is more for the team's public perception and bragging rights for the agents involved.

The only thing that matters in a contract offer is the guaranteed money. Under this contract, Miller would be guaranteed $40 million over the first two years. Olivier Vernon was just guaranteed $52 million.

Who's Olivier Vernon? Not a super bowl MVP.

Yes, we're talking about an obscene amount of money. No matter what happens, Von Miller's children and grandchildren will be just fine.

But I'm not going to blame a guy for focusing on the only part of a contract that really does matter.

I'm sure he sees the rest as just bells & whistles. In fact, I guarantee it.