BLOG: Don't give up on the Arizona Diamondbacks just yet

If there were such thing as a Major League Baseball Stock Exchange, the Diamondbacks' value would be falling while other teams in the National League seem to be on the rise.

But is it time to hit the panic button? No, I don’t think so.

Have the D-backs hit a rough patch? Sure. It happens. It’s a 162-game season for a reason (accidental rhyme time… Whoops, did it again). Much like a marathon runner, you judge their performance as whole. Who cares if Mile 19 was a little sluggish? They could still turn in a very impressive 26.2.

My point is that in most seasons, even the best teams in the league go through slumps. That’s baseball. However, after losing eight of their last nine games, there’s no question the Diamondbacks need to get back to their winning ways -- and fast.

I really don’t think they have a shot at winning their division. Let’s face it: Those (expletive) Dodgers are just too good this year, not to mention L.A. is a better regular-season team anyway. They typically wait 'til October to blow it. But the Diamondbacks have a real, legitimate shot at a Wild Card spot -- although those Cubbies frighten me. They’re one of those aforementioned teams on the rise.

So, how do the D-backs stop the bleeding? Well, that’s the million dollar question -- and it may take a few million to answer it. We know the team has been struggling offensively, especially against left-handed pitching, and they also need a left fielder.

The latest reports say the D-backs are interested in the Tigers’ hot-hitting outfielder J.D. Martinez. Could he help stop the bleeding? Maybe we’ll find out. While I do believe they eventually need to address bullpen concerns, I think acquiring a solid right-handed bat would be a higher priority.

Now, back to the original question: With 70 games left in the season and the D-backs' value dropping, should we stick with our investment, or pull out before we’re in over our heads? I’m no financial advisor, and I may go down with the ship, but I’m keeping my money on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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