Phoenix Rising’s regular-season title trophy stopped by Your Phoenix CW

Posted at 4:09 PM, Oct 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-18 19:09:45-04

PHOENIX – Before the USL regular season champs could hoist their trophy and celebrate with the fans, they brought it to Your Phoenix CW.

VP of Communications for the USL, Ryan Madden escorted it in for a photoshoot with the hosts of Phoenix Rising’s halftime show, Kickin’ It, airing on Your Phoenix CW.

This trophy was hard-earned, and through the smoke of a 20-game win streak and going undefeated on $1 Beer Night, Phoenix Rising FC was crowned regular-season title winners.

At the end of the final game of the regular season (October 18 vs OKC), The United Soccer League will present Phoenix Rising FC with the regular-season title trophy, a silver plate engraved with the aforementioned words.

Win, lose or draw, Rising has far and away the best record in the USL, yet there are still records to be won with a win against OKC. With a win, Phoenix Rising will set the record of most wins by a USL team in one season (24) and will set a league record for most points in one season (78).

“When we look at Phoenix Rising, yeah the accolades are cool, the winning streaks are amazing, they’re genuinely one of the best teams in the history of professional soccer in the United States, but I think what sets them apart is the atmosphere.”

The question is: if you had the trophy for one day, what would you do with it? Our team had some fun with the trophy ahead of Friday night’s game.

The trophy will be presented to the team by the USL at the end of the game at Casino Arizona Field.