Which site gets you the best price for Arizona Cardinals tickets?

Posted at 4:45 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 22:19:37-04

Are you ready for some football?

The real question if you plan on going to a game... Is your wallet ready?

Our Smart Shopper team did the research to help you get to the game for the best price.

Three competitors are about to take the field to see who can give you the best deal..

Stubhub, Seatgeek, and NFL Ticket Exchange.

All three of these sites allow you to buy tickets from other fans... And that can mean a good seat at a great price.

We searched the sites for two tickets to the October 2 game against the Rams.

I first searched for the best price... So it's not the most ideal seats but it gets you to the game.

Seatgeek charges $132.60 for section 455.

Less at NFL Exchange, $116.50 for section 423.

The best price is at Stubhub, $98.02 for section 432.

If you're looking for better seats to that game, Seatgeek is your site.

They charge $370.46 cents for three tickets in section 139.

NFL Ticket Exchange charges about $20 more for the same section and row, $394.95s.

And the price goes up even further at Stubhub, $403.50.

We can't do a fair comparison until we compare one of our bigger games.

It's the Seahawks on October 23rd and we searched for the best price... So again, the seats are higher up, but you’re still at the game.

This time NFL Exchange has the better price.

You'll get two seats, way up in section 444, for $414.12.

Seatgeek takes second charging $434.18.

You'll pay the most at Stubhub, $449.

Game after game, the best prices varied per site depending on where you want to sit and how far in advance you buy your tickets.

Bottom line, not one single site had the best price overall, there is no winner in this game.

I will say we really like that Seatgeek tells you if you're getting a great deal or an awful deal and it allows you to sign up for alerts for when the prices drop.

Still you really have to check several sites.

But be careful if you're trying sites like Craigslist and eBay because you never know who you're buying from and there's no guarantee.

And remember you can watch Sunday’s pre-season game for free right here on ABC15.