Cherries for $1.47 a pound, plus great deals on meat and drinks

Posted at 8:05 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 23:05:59-04

Cool off this week at Fry's because they have 32 ounce PowerAde's on sale... Two for a dollar.

They also have grapes on sale for 87 cents per pound.

- - -

Not a bad deal, but I found the best deal on red or seedless grapes at Albertsons... 79 cents per pound.

Albertsons also has a whole page of buy four and save, including buy four boxes of select Quaker cereals for 99 cents each.

Albertsons also has a gallon of Lucerne milk on sale for $1.89.

You can load up on 32 ounce bottles of PowerAde, 58 cents each with a coupon from their ad.  There is a limit of three for that price.

And buy 4-6 ounce containers of Yoplait yogurt for 39 cents each with a coupon from their ad, with a limit of 10 at that price.

- - -

The best deal I found on cherries this week is $1.47 per pound at Bashas'.

They are on sale at three other local stores for $3.99 a pound, so that's a screaming deal.

Bashas' also has 32 ounce bottles of Gatorade on sale for 57 cents each.  There is a limit of 12 at that price.

And you can get three mangos for 99 cents.

- - -

I found a better price for mangos at Food City... Five for 99 cents, with a limit of 10 for that price.

They have avocados for the same price... Which is a really good deal since I've seen avocados for a dollar each at other stores.  Again there is a limit of 10 for that price.

- - -

Awesome deal on strawberries at Safeway... One pound for 77 cents.

Safeway also has an 18 count of Lucerne large eggs for a dollar 27.

You can also buy a gallon of Lucerne milk for $1.89 each.

- - -

All of these ads are valid 6/22 - 6/28.

Don't forget to check your ads for other deals and of course clip your coupons and don't forget several stores price match.