Does the Clapper get a standing ovation?

Posted at 6:04 AM, Oct 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-18 19:03:26-04

You may remember the infamous Clapper...clap on, clap off… Well, now it comes with upgrades! But will it get a round of applause?

The instructions are simple -- two outlets mean you can clap on and clap off two devices. Plus, there is a setting that is supposed to help protect your home when you're away.

So let's clap!

The instructions say you should wait a half a second in between each clap.

Two claps should control the top outlet, three controls the bottom.

And for security, turn the switch to away and almost any noise is supposed to turn on the connected appliance and after about ten minutes it should turn off. 

We bought the Clapper at Target for $19.99.

So how does it rank on our Bull, No Bull meter? I'm going with Bull!

It just wasn't consistent. In fact, at times, my heels on the hard floor activated the Clapper.

Also, it seems if you're not within ten feet, clapping loud, it doesn't recognize the claps.

We tried it over and over again, using several people to clap and I just can't give it a standing ovation.

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