Spontaneous combustion caused large trash fire in Glendale

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jun 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 10:45:17-04

People in a Valley neighborhood this week found a heaping pile of flaming trash that measured head high and the size of a bus. The question, how did it end up there?

"I saw smoke down here by the park," said Brian Haar, who shot video of the fire down the street from his home and sent it into ABC15. 

The blazing garbage heap happened in Sunnyside Park near 63rd and Peoria avenues in Glendale. 

"It looked insane," Haar said. 

Haar said the source was a recycling truck that caught fire while making its rounds. 

"I saw the fire, the garbage truck, recycling truck; he dumped his load because it was on fire."

The Glendale Fire Department confirmed that apparently, somebody put pool chemicals in their recycle bin in the super compacted back of that garbage truck with blazing sun beating down it spontaneously combusted.  

Apparently, not only is that not uncommon,  the fire department said dumping the load in the nearest open area away from homes is standard procedure.

"The garbage truck driver did a good job, dropped it away from the homes like he should have," Haar said.