Parents outraged after child bitten multiple times at Glendale daycare

Posted at 10:26 PM, May 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 23:44:28-04

A 2-year-old came home from a Glendale daycare with bites all over his body, and now his parents want answers from the school.

The parents biggest complaint is that nobody at Sunrise Preschool would tell them exactly what happened when their child was bitten nine times inside his classroom. 

"We went today to the pediatrician, and one of the bites is infected," said Lance Hupper, father of 2-year-old Harrison.  

His parents say Harrisons lost sleep since the incident. 

"If he wakes up in his room alone he starts screaming, and he was never like that," said Samantha Hupper, Harrison's mom. "All I want is answers. What happened? Where were the teachers when it happened?"

The teacher sent home a note apologizing and saying it happened while she was distracted.

"It's the teacher's job to stop that. He gets bit once, twice maybe [and] you don't notice. Okay. But nine times. You didn't hear anything? He didn't make a noise? He was bleeding. I don't believe that," said Samantha. 

There are cameras in the room, but so far Sunrise won't show the video, so Harrison's parents got a lawyer.

"There's no reason to hide it. There's reason to be honest, come forward, apologize and let us see the video of what happened that day," said Benjamin Taylor, the Hupper's lawyer. 

Sunrise preschool provided the following statement:

Harrison was bitten by another child while in our care. We self-reported to Child Care licensing and have thoroughly looked into the situation. This was an unfortunate accident. Despite our best efforts, toddlers who are developing language skills do sometimes express themselves through biting. In this case, that child is no longer in our care. Sunrise is committed to providing quality child care for children and specialized teacher training for each stage of development.  Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the children in our care.
Dana Vela 
Vice President-Sunrise Preschools Division


But the Huppers say they still feel like there's more to the story. 

"The pediatrician, the first time, said it looked like it was multiple children who bit him," said Lance. 

"I want to see the video, I want to see it," said Samantha.