Glendale to vote on American flag placement atop Thunderbird Mountain

Posted at 10:26 PM, May 10, 2018

The City of Glendale plans to vote on adding a permanent American flag to the top of Thunderbird Mountain. 

The Glendale Chamber Military and Veterans Affairs Committee sent a proposal to the city council asking to erect a flag. 

The committee will also manage it. 

Thunderbird Mountain falls within a conservation park, which means it is to be left as is. 

The picnic tables, garbage cans, and signage are all a part of the city's master plan, which is why they are allowed in the park. 

"We want people to enjoy it but not to disturb the wildlife the plants and not erect any structures in the park either, at least if they're not part of the master plan," said Vice-Mayor Lauren Tolmachoff. 

She is one of the council members voting to hold off on the change. 

"Not everybody on the council felt there was a conservative national park because there are signs and roads, and I disagree with that," she said. "You know there are roads in national parks, but they are still to be preserved and protected."

No word on when the council will take an official vote, but it will likely be before the end of June.