Call of Doodie campaign: Glendale working to keep dog waste off trails

Posted at 8:18 AM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 11:18:12-04

The City of Glendale is working to keep dog waste off their trails, out of their parks and natural areas with their "Call of Doodie" campaign. Aimed at reminding pet owners who take their pets hiking, to pick up after them. 

Maricopa County estimates that around seven million pounds of waste is generated by pets every year and with about 900,000 dogs in Maricopa County alone that waste can add up fast, especially if not being disposed of properly. Glendale says it's more than just a littering issue though, as one ounce of pet waste can contain almost 23 million unhealthy and harmful bacteria. 

That bacteria can then end up in our watershed and down storm drains, polluting our water and environment. Scientists with the EPA estimate that pet waste is responsible for 24 percent of bacteria in urban and suburban watercourses. 

Glendale has pet waste stations throughout their parks and trails. If you see a pet waste station that needs attention contact: or call 623-930-2691. 

Pet owners can also pick up free portable pet waste bag dispensers at the Glendale Public Main Library, located at 5959 W Brown Street.