Woman speaks out after she was harassed during a jog in Scottsdale

Posted at 8:16 PM, Mar 18, 2018

McKenzie Smalley was out for a jog around Old Town Scottsdale Tuesday night when she says a man in a truck pulled up next to her and began harassing and stalking her.

"I was just ignoring him because he wasn't stopping," Smalley said.

She says the man was African-American, with dreadlocks, and appeared to be in his late 30's or early 40's. 

He pulled up beside her and began making comments about her body.

She pulled out her cellphone and began recording. The whole thing lasted for about five minutes.

In the video she recorded you can hear the man say, "Girl, you have me barking in the street," and then he began barking at her.  

She tells him to stop and leave her alone, but she says he kept calling her and telling her to come over to his car.

"Oh my gosh, he won't leave, honestly I'm about to call the police," she says in the video.

She even tells the man she's calling the police, but that doesn't seem to phase him at all.

"In the video, you can actually hear him say 'I'm about to park my car and get out,'" Smalley said.

When it looked like he was starting to pull his car over she bolted in the opposite direction

"I just had to run away from that guy, like full sprint, this is so--this is so annoying," she said.  

"Honestly I felt super scared for a moment. He was like I'm about to get out of this car and chase you, 'damn girl you looking good.'" 

After she escaped him, she says that's when anger settled in because in broad daylight in a public place no one stopped to help her.  

"There were so many people around, and no one did anything, and that's sorta what built up the frustration," she said.

She posted the video on Facebook and reminds men that this sort of behavior is not OK.

"Don't do that. It's not a successful way of picking up a girl. It's also very degrading, and we're not objects," she said.  

She says the support has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I've even had a lot of men contacting me saying 'I'm sorry on behalf of all men that this has happened,'" Smalley said.

Unfortunately, Smalley says this isn't the first time something like this has happened to her.  

She has been whistled at, catcalled, and had comments about her looks and body thrown her way.  

Smalley says she won't let this incident affect her like the others and she hopes to empower more women to stay strong against this sort of behavior.

She also says she hopes the video reminds everyone out there that this sort of behavior should not be tolerated and if you see a woman being harassed, stand up for her.