Valley teen uses choir directors iPad to record concert; sees racy photo

Posted at 10:20 PM, Mar 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-10 22:12:28-05

Recording video for a school choir concert became a shocking experience for a Valley teen who discovered a racy photo on the device she was using according to her step-mom. 

It all started when the choir director at Connolly Middle School asked a student to shoot video of the school concert on his iPad. But apparently, the director didn't delete his personal pictures before handing the device to the 13-year-old girl. 

ABC15 is concealing the stepmother's identity to protect the student. 

"Naturally she went to go look at her recordings that she had just taken and she's scrolling through, and there's a picture of her teacher's genitals," said the step-mom. 

She said one of the daughter's friends quickly snapped a picture for proof. The pictures show the teacher's face as he lifts up his shirt for the camera. 

The incident happened at a concert last spring but just came to light as that picture started making the rounds at school. 

"My husband was instantly furious, 'My little girl shouldn't have to see this,"' she said. 

Tempe police said they're investigating; however, right now investigators have no evidence that a crime was committed because the teacher didn't intend for the girls to see the pictures.

A spokesperson for Tempe Elementary School District told us they could not comment during a police investigation.

"There are just some jobs where you just can't be irresponsible," said the step-mom. "I'm not to say what will happen or what should happen. I just don't feel safe with him around my daughter."

ABC15 also asked school officials if there's an internal investigation or what the policy is on having racy pictures on any device at teacher brings to school. 

There was no answer to either of those questions at the time of this publication.