Pit bull with dwarfism stolen from Gilbert woman

Posted at 8:20 PM, Apr 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-29 01:45:13-04

A Gilbert woman is pleading with the public, and the person who took her dog, to help bring him home. 

Bonnie Lahr says she was out of town visiting her dying mother when she got the news that her dog had been stolen.

"Tiny Boy" is a 9-month-old dwarf pit bull, and because of his disability he can not walk or run; he mostly just scoots around.

Lahr says her family noticed he was gone when they went to let him back inside the house Tuesday afternoon.

She says Tiny Boy is often allowed to hang out in the front yard to do his business and sunbathe so that the other dogs don't bother him or rough him up. She says he has never wandered off.  

She filed a police report, but unfortunately, there's not a lot they can do for her.  

She hopes someone out there will recognize him and bring him home.  

Tiny Boy eats a special type of food, and it's important to his survival. Lahr says apart from him being a special needs dog he is also a service animal who helps comfort her during her bouts with depression and anxiety.  

With the loss of her mother this week, Tiny Boy's absence has made things especially tough for her. 

"With the loss of my mom this week and coming home to find out that somebody had picked him up and carried him out of my front yard, while I was gone, has been blow after blow," Lahr said.  

"Just bring him home to where he's loved." 

If you know where Tiny Boy is, you're asked to contact Gilbert police.