Homeowner fighting Gilbert HOA after crackdown on AirBnB rentals

Posted at 10:41 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-23 22:15:35-04

A Gilbert homeowner is facing off with her HOA after it suddenly told residents they could not rent out sections of their homes, only their entire homes. The move was aimed at limiting homeowners' ability to rent using Airbnb or similar products.

The homeowner, who lives in Val Vista Lakes near Val Vista Road and Baseline, put thousands of dollars into renovating her property and says she has worked with the HOA the entire time.

"We spent close to $30,000 just to get everything set, so it would be really perfect for people when they came to stay," said Airbnb host Pam Goodmansen, who spent the money to rent out her home's addition.

The work included adding a separate guest entrance and sleeps six people, giving Goodmansen the chance to earn a bit of extra income.

"You want to do everything you can to be able to retire," said Goodmansen. "So it's been wonderful for that."

When Goodmansen converted her home two years ago, she says the HOA verbally approved it. She even has several documents with the HOA signing off on guests to use the facilities.

But just last week, Goodmansen got a letter saying she's not allowed to rent out a "portion" of her home, only the whole thing. 

"We were really shocked, because we had worked with the HOA the whole time," said Goodmansen. She brought it to the HOA board, and so far it has not made a decision. Meanwhile, her rental is booked through September.

"So now, we're starting to lose business because we are trying to be compliant," said Goodmansen. "We've always been compliant."

The HOA claims its rules have been in place for years, even if not enforced.

Goodmansen plans to keep fighting, or even consider moving, so they can rent out what they want.

ABC15's 'Let Joe Know' team weighed in, saying unless the homeowner has it in writing that she is allowed to have her rental unit, the HOA may be able to enforce the rental rules.