Woman fighting HOA over son's car while he's deployed

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-16 23:05:51-04

All alone, parked right between the lines, you'll find a polished Subaru sports car better known around here as Whitney. 

Whitney belongs to Zack, a 21-year-old soldier deployed overseas. For him, it's his dream car. For his mother Angela, it's a lot more.

"This is not just an ordinary car. It's a soldier's car," said Angela.

Before Zack was deployed in May, he wanted to make sure his one prized possession was taken care of. "This is the one thing that my son asked me to do was to take care of his car."

Angela's garage is already full with her own cars so she parked Whitney in a visitor's spot outside her home near 17th Avenue and Bell. It wasn't long until she started getting notices, then handwritten notes, telling her she was breaking the HOA rules and the car had to go.

"This is terribly insulting," said Angela. "Terribly."

Angela has tried contacting her HOA to work out a deal and has even left her own handwritten notes
on the car explaining the situation and pleading to leave the car alone. Since there's more than a dozen open visitor spots, she's hoping the HOA would have some compassion.

"I'm asking for a corner, One corner." 

So, for now, Whitney is parked right where Angela knows it's safe. It's a daily reminder of her son and a promise she has to keep. "I feel like if I take care of that car, he'll be taken care of."

ABC15 contacted the property manager for the subdivision and the HOA board. The HOA said it has no comment.