Cave Creek residents worried that fewer citations encouraging speeding

Posted at 10:24 PM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 12:47:49-04

Residents of Cave Creek say the city is starting to have a serious problem with speeders zipping straight through their city.

“There are a lot of people complaining about all the roads in Cave Creek and not just Cave Creek Road,” said Mayor Ernie Bunch. 

Bunch proposed to the city council Monday to ask a federal judge for removal of some of the rules placed on MCSO following Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s era. After countless allegations of racial profiling, MCSO changed its protocol for issuing citations resulting in much more paperwork and a higher likelihood of investigations. 

“If the person who got a citation doesn’t like the interaction they got with the officer, they call and complain and that officer gets investigated by internal affairs,” Bunch explained. “And that’s not a good way to run a law enforcement agency.”

Bunch believes the change resulted in fewer citations issued, which has encouraged speeding in his city and discouraged drivers from stopping to stay awhile.

Business owner, Wayne Helfand, watches cars fly by his store every day. He agrees the city needs a solution but isn’t sure writing more tickets is the answer. 

“I don’t think tickets are the way to go. I don’t think a traffic light is. Maybe more police presence parked on the corner of something like that,” Helfand said.