American flags line north Phoenix neighborhood to honor veterans

Posted at 10:37 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 01:39:19-04

It's a tradition meant to honor veterans year-round, although it still draws curious onlookers who often ask neighbors about the row of flags. 

More than a half dozen flagpoles, with American flags, line homes along part of 11th Avenue south of Northern Avenue in Phoenix. 

Anne Roberts has lived there for more than three decades and says it all started with her husband, who served in the Air Force, and other neighbors who wanted to spruce up the neighborhood 33 years ago. 

"My husband was a veteran, and some of the other men were veterans too, and they liked the idea of the flags being out," Roberts said. 

Roberts' husband since passed away, but the flags continue to fly along 11th Avenue. 

Neighbor Linda Sepich-Simmons told ABC15 the flags were a selling point when she moved into the community more than two decades ago. 

She says it means just that much more on holidays such as Memorial Day weekend. 

"It's an honor to live on this street, and it always reminds me of a lot of the fallen heroes," she said. 

Neighbors told ABC15 people often stop to ask about the flags. Some consider it a source of pride that the community shows such patriotism year-round. 

"I get to drive home to it every day, and that's kind of special," Sepich-Simmons said. 

The hope is the flags will continue to fly throughout the neighborhood. 

"I just hope they stay there for a long time to come," Roberts said.