Valley man concerned over creepy secret admirer

Posted at 10:56 PM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-24 21:50:46-04

A secret admirer is starting to creep out a man recently named one of the Valley's most eligible bachelors.  

Chris Rassam was nominated as an eligible bachelor in AZ Foothill's magazine. After the magazine was published, last month somebody displayed their love via vandalism on Chris' house.  

"I saw you in the magazine and fell in love with you right away," said a note left on Chris' garage door, along with chalk-drawn hearts and writing on the driveway and garage door. The note also told Chris that the secret admirer would like to "have babies" with him.  

"Part of me is like this is really creepy. Somebody wrote all over my property. Part of me is this could be really funny if it's a joke. If not, then it's just creepy," said Rassam. 

But none of his buddies would admit they're behind it. Then more secret love mementos stated showing up. 

"They followed up with a bottle of barefoot bubbly Champagne," said Rassam, showing the bottle of booze and fake roses that were left on his doorstep.  

The secret stalker also texted Rassam from an untraceable number, denying they gave some of the gifts.

"We could have a copycat or we could have two stalkers," said Rassam.  

He took his concerns to Facebook and got hundreds of comments, but so far nobody's fessed up. 

"We're going to find them; got the bottle I'm sure has some fingerprints. We'll find them," said Rassam. 

He said he hasn't gone to police just yet. But if things get weirder, he says he will.