Some Arizona teachers considering 'walkouts' in call for higher pay

Posted at 8:57 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 10:03:23-04

Arizona teachers have marched and protested as a part of the Red for Ed movement. Some are now considering walking out of their classrooms. 

Teacher Derek Harris created a video on Facebook, speaking to thousands of teachers across the state. 

"We will be announcing a walkout date. I am not going to say what that date is, but only that we know it is coming," Harris said in the video. "If you haven't talked to your school board or superintendent, you need to make that a priority."

Teachers have staged "walk-ins," joining together with students and parents to make a statement about their salaries. 

With no sign of a raise in sight, a "walkout" would be taking their efforts to the next level.

"Do not wait anymore," Harris tells teachers. "The time is coming and we need to make this happen and that means you've got to get things in place."

ABC15 reached out to Harris for more specifics, but he did not have a set date determined. 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he won't meet with teachers who are threatening to strike over low pay because he believes they are politicizing the issue.

The Republican said on KTAR radio Tuesday evening that he is concerned about talk of a possible statewide teacher strike over low school funding. But he says the teachers he's heard from don't want to strike and blames "the people who are playing politics" for talking about a strike.

Leaders of a group called Arizona Educators United say they could soon announce a teacher walkout and hundreds gathered outside the radio station as Ducey spoke. The group has grown to about 40,000 members since it was organized following a strike in West Virginia in early March.