Scottsdale bridal shop steps in to help brides after Phoenix store closes

Posted at 10:50 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-19 01:51:46-04

Brides who were set to pick up their wedding dresses were devastated to learn their bridal shop suddenly shut down, leaving many women scrambling to find a new dress.

Some business owners stepped up to help these brides in need with last-minute appointments and even gift cards. 

Pearl Bridal in Phoenix posted on its website that it filed for bankruptcy and was sorry to all of its brides. 

Rachel Nelson, who is two and a half months away from her wedding in Ireland, was set to pick up her dress. She was only alerted they closed when she called to confirm but heard the automated message. 

"I found two gorgeous dresses," said Nelson. "One for my actual reception and one for my ceremony. But now I'm out two dresses. I was at work, and I immediately started to cry."

Several brides are in Nelson's situation, who found the store was locked and a big lock was on the gate. 

"I realized it didn't affect just me," said Nelson. "There are women shorted their dress, and they don't even have one this weekend for their wedding."

Nelson called around and decided to visit Laurie's Bridal in Scottsdale.

"My heart just broke for all these girls," said store owner Laurie Dickman. "And the first thing I said was, 'Okay. I need to help."

Dickman is working last minute with the Pearl Bridal brides and even giving them a $500 gift card for their honeymoons.

"This is a small bridal community, and this is what we need to do," said Dickman.

Thanks to Laurie's Bridal, Nelson found her new dress. 

"Nice to have people like this, when you're in a time of need," said Nelson. "I know there are greater things going on in the world, but at this point, there's a lot devastated women in Scottsdale."

If you are a Pearl Bridal bride looking for help you can visit Laurie at her website or by calling 480-699-3973.