Phoenix neighborhood on edge over mysterious shootings

Posted at 6:18 PM, Apr 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-29 02:02:42-04

Neighbors in a Phoenix community are feeling uneasy after a mysterious shooter has been aiming at property near their homes.
“A week ago Wednesday was the first night that there were shots fired,” said one neighbor who did not want to be named.
He said there have been three shootings near the Orange Tree Golf Course near 56th Street and Shea Boulevard.
In one instance, he said the person responsible took aim at several trees on the golf course and said a few neighbors he spoke to saw the sparks from the gun in the distance.
“The police recovered between 12-15 casings of supposedly .45 caliber handgun,” he said.
Each incident has taken place in the pre-dawn hours between 3 a.m and 5 a.m.
In another incident, a street sign was shot at, and the bullet holes are still visible.  

The woman who lives across the street says she heard the gunfire in the early morning and called the police, she said the person was still shooting when she was on the phone with dispatch, but by the time officers arrived, the person was gone.  

She recalls looking outside, seeing the glare of the headlights and seeing the silhouette of someone as they shot at the sign.
Other neighbors report hearing anywhere between 10 to 20 rounds of gunfire going off during each incident and they are concerned and furious as to why someone is doing this in their community.
“Cut it out before someone gets hurt,” said a neighbor.
Community members have been pressuring police for help as well as staying active on social media keeping everyone informed about when shootings occur.
“Now everybody’s aware, everybody’s paying attention,” the man said. “Some people got a good description of the guy and gave it to police and uh, supposedly the car as well.”
Abc15 reached out to Phoenix police on Saturday, but they said the earliest they could get back to us with any information would be Monday.
In the meantime, neighbors tell us that police and the golf course have informed them that they will be increasing security and patrols in the area in hopes that they can catch the person responsible.