MAP: 146 violations found at Valley eateries in last year

Posted at 9:50 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-19 23:31:31-04

Every month, ABC15 takes action to share the latest restaurant inspections from the around the Valley

Curious about eateries near you? We've now compiled a list of all the violations from the past 12 months, from the West Valley to the East Valley. 

Here is a look at some of the notable violations we found: (Click on the map below to see all of the restaurants cited over the last year.)

April 2018

Smoothie Run, 1633 S. Higley Road, Gilbert
Food with mold in fridge, dried food debris on knives. Click here for full report.

March 2018

El Metate, 6140 E. Main Street, Mesa
Observed open cup with syringe and vial of insulin in walk-in cooler among food items on middle shelf of shelving unit. Click here for full report. 

Tacos Don Beto, 2722 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix
Dead birds found outside business. Click here for full report.

February 2018

Springdale Village Healthcare, 7255 E. Broadway Road, Mesa
Rodent droppings observed. Click here for full report. 

January 2018

Arizona Golf Resort, 425 S. Power Road, Mesa
Cheese that was visibly moldy. Click here for full report.

Legends Sports Club, 8378 W. Thunderbird Road, Peoria
Fuzzy growth, food debris, dust in cooler. Slimy material build-up in soda nozzle. Black material building up at warewashing area. Heavy syrup build up on flood under soda tower. Click here for full report.

Isra Food Market, 161 N. 36th Street, Phoenix
Observed live adult German cockroaches inside box behind meat counter. Click here for full report.

December 2017

Arrowhead Country Club, 19888 N. 73rd Avenue, Glendale
Controlling Pests; Monitoring. Rodent droppings along floor in downstairs kitchen and in small room next to bar with coffee service. Click here for full report.

November 2017

Mariscos Suchilango, 7537 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix
Multiple cockroaches found on premises; living and crawling, as well as deceased. Click here for full report.

October 2017

Filibertos Mexican Food, 1601 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix 
Living roaches observed under food prep sink. Click here for full report.

Crazy Sushi & Crab, 1310 S. Longmore Road, Mesa 
Observed three large containers of kimchi heavily adulterated by mold. Person in charge discarded at the time of inspection. Click here for full report.

August 2017

Hideaway Lounge, 3215 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix 
Observed soda gun nozzle by 3 compartment sink with build up of brown organic matter. Click here for full report.

July 2017

Taco Feliz Mexican Food, 4233 S. 7th Street, Phoenix 
Ice scoop stored directly on top of ice machine which was soiled with dirt and other grit. Click here for full report.

June 2017

Taquitos Jalisco Mexican Food, 1052 W. Broadway Road, Mesa
Observed sewage bubbling up through grease trap when 3 compartment sink is drained, causing water to flow along the side of the establishment. Click here for full report.

May 2017 

Hooters, 10223 N. Metro Parkway, Phoenix
Black circular material growth and liquid debris build up on shelving in reach-in cooler at bar. Liquid debris build-up on surface of black soda gun holder. Click here for full report.