Valley doctors weigh in on facts and myths of allergies

Posted at 6:56 PM, Apr 13, 2018

They're nice to look at but when it comes to agitating your allergies, flowers and even what grass the Valley does have, can make for a miserable day.

"Pet dander? less common," says Doctor Natasha Bhuyan with One Medical Group in Scottsdale. "Dust mites? Less common but it's really the flowers and things that are indoors."

Doctor Bhuyan knows there are a lot of options when it comes to treating allergies. There are aisles of medicine and a long list of rules.

"There's a big myth out there that antihistamines are the best medicine for allergies, but that's not true."

The doctor says a nasal steroid spray could work better. She considers it the first line of defense.

"They can actually help with sneezing, with teary eyes, with itching eyes, with that congestion. Whereas antihistamines, they really mostly just dry you out and all they really help with is just the congestion," Bhuyan said.

But Dr. Bhuyan stresses that's not to be confused with a nasal decongestant spray, which if used for more than three days, can actually make your symptoms worse. They call it a "rebound condition."

The second line of defense, over the counter antihistamines. Bhuyan says it really doesn't matter what name brand you get, they all work the same.

The third line of defense, Neti Pots. Bhuyan says although it freaks a lot of people out to siphon water through their nose, it can provide allergy relief.

The doctor also points out people can develop allergies at any point in life.

"So people think, I haven't had allergies my whole life, all of a sudden I'm sneezing, and I'm coughing, my gosh - what's going on? And they might suddenly develop allergies."

It's also believed consuming honey every day will help your immune system battle your allergies.

"That theory makes sense, but in the research, honey hasn't been effective in preventing allergies and the other reality is in that honey is not going to work right away," said Bhuyan.

Taking probiotics every day is another belief that's said to help your immune system fight allergies. Bhuyan says again; there's not enough research to support the belief.

It is possible to get tested for allergies through a blood or skin test. Doctor Bhuyan says both do work, but the skin test does get better results.