Police: More than a dozen people rescued on SeaWorld ride

People trapped on gondola ride at Sea World in San Diego
Posted at 10:05 PM, Feb 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 09:52:58-05

SAN DIEGO, CA — Police say more than a dozen people trapped on a ride at SeaWorld in San Diego have been rescued.

San Diego police told local media that around six gondolas stopped functioning Monday night after a big gust of wind tripped a circuit breaker on "Bayside Skyride."

Authorities had estimated that between 15 and 30 people were trapped, some of them in gondolas suspended above water. Sixteen were actually rescued.

The riders were lowered by harnesses and rescued by lifeguard boats.

They were then evaluated by medical crews.

SeaWorld said in a statement that it will conduct a thorough inspection of the ride prior to reopening.

The National Weather Service says it was about 49 degrees in San Diego at the time. SeaWorld said the gondolas had blankets on board.

The incident comes as temperatures in San Diego are expected to dip into the low 40s overnight.

According to SeaWorld’s website, the leisurely family-style ride takes guests on a ride above the park and scenic Mission Bay.