Women launch Kickstarter campaign to start a business to help couples who cancel weddings

Posted at 4:04 PM, Aug 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-05 08:21:04-04

Colorado entrepreneurs are trying to raise money to start a business for the jilted.

Marie Carabetta and Claudia Camacho of Lafayette, Colorado plan to create a website where women and men can sell off parts of their cancelled wedding and share their stories. They call it and they're using Kickstarter to try to raise $1,200 to start their business.

The campaign says, "Getting stood up at the altar sucks. Having a leftover dress you spent thousands on is even worse."

Cecilia Brightbach's wedding was called off recently and while she's shaken off the sting of the cancelation, getting rid of her dress hasn't been as easy.

"I am sick of looking at it," she said.

Her fiancé also took a financial hit. He was left with the rings.

The women in Lafayette say their business plan could help exes to bounce back financially.

"It's really for people to find a resource to get some of their money back," they say.

As of Monday afternoon, users have pledged $166 for the JustJilted Kickstarter campaign. If they reach their goal, Carabetta and Camacho plan to use the money to hire a web developer to prepare their website and verify it is secure.