Santa is back! Grinch returns Longmont family's stolen Christmas decorations

Posted at 7:42 PM, Dec 12, 2014

A Colorado family who put up a sign in their yard asking the person who stole their holiday decorations to please bring them back, had their Christmas wish granted.

The Priests said the theft occurred sometime on Sunday. Little Stella and Ava Priest said someone stole their inflatable Santa and his reindeer from the front lawn of their home off Atwood Street in Longmont.

"Yep, yep, he's on the naughty list," Stella said.

The girls were so upset they said they were going to put their decorations on the roof next season.

They searched for clues, they looked really hard, when nothing come up, mom left a sign in the yard.

"To the person that stole our Christmas decorations, would you please return them because our kids are very sad," Ava read from the sign.

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And return they did. Santa and the reindeer reappeared on the Priests' front lawn Friday, along with a note, signed by "The Grinch."

It read in part, "I am so very, very sorry for being such a bad person … I know I will be getting coal, but I deserve it."

Read the whole note below:

The family said they are just happy to have Santa back.