Dog helps friend having trouble in Arizona pool (VIDEO)

Dog helps friend having trouble in Arizona pool (VIDEO)
Posted at 9:23 AM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 21:45:54-04

A dog in Arizona is being called a hero after his efforts to help a friend. 

On May 1, Laurie Becerra shared security camera video tagged in Show Low of two of her dogs by the pool. 

According to Becerra, Smokey cannot swim very well. The other dog, Remus, noticed his buddy was having some problems getting out of the pool and decided to help.

The video below shows Remus pushing Smokey out of the pool to safety. 

Becerra said her dogs play around the pool all the time and this was the first time there was an issue. 

She said she was at work when her husband called her about the incident.

"He said Smokey fell in the water, and I just started crying when he said 'oh no, he's fine, you wouldn't believe what I just saw in the surveillance video,'" Becerra said.

She added that she just had to see it for herself, and when she did, she just burst into tears. Needless to say, both dogs were mauled by hugs.

The Becerras described Remus as a very loyal and smart dog. When their daughter saw the video she too started crying, Becerra said.

"Remus, he just has a heart of gold," Becerra said.

Smokey is now learning to swim. Becerra said her husband takes him into the water every day, and they've even purchased a life vest for him.

This story is a reminder; pools can be dangerous for our pets.  

Melissa Gable a spokeswoman with Foothills Animal Rescue said many people believe that dogs were naturally good swimmers but that was not the case.

Foothills worked closely with a personal dog trainer who offered the following tips on how to introduce a dog to swimming:

  • Start slowly. Practice by gently holding your dog and carrying him into the water. Continue gently holding your pet until he is immersed in water. Carry your dog back out of the water. Continue repeating this step over and over (this could take place over several days) until your dog is comfortable and doesn't squirm.

  • Show them how to enter and exit the pool. Using a leash and slip lead style collar, help your dog onto the pool's first step. Use the leash to block any backward movements and provide pressure on the leash until the dog begins to move forward. Release tension as your dog moves forward. Always steer your dot to the stairs, do not allow them to get out using the edge. Repeat this process until your dog knows exactly how to exit the pool.

  • Watch your dog's form. If your dog is swimming parallel to the water's surface, then they are exhibiting good swimming form. If his back end is sinking, or his front paws are out of the water, he is struggling and needs more work. You can assist your pooch by placing your hands under his body so that he is parallel to the water's surface. Once your dog is swimming on his own, encourage him to continue moving forward, this will help them swim more effectively.

  • Swimming is great exercise. Once your dog is swimming comfortably and can easily navigate in and out of the pool, consider swimming a great way to burn off energy. Make sure you always supervise your dog while he is in the pool. 

For more information or to have assistance with training your pet to swim, head here.