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Online booking mix-up costs woman hundreds of dollars

Posted at 5:00 AM, Feb 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 15:05:11-05

PHOENIX — There are a slew of online sites, all offering to help you book the perfect vacation destination.

Susan Lapointe says her last minute booking on one of those sites took an interesting turn.

Susan and her husband were on a bucket list trip this past summer exploring the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks.

They chose to book hotels the day they needed them. In this case, Susan found one with a western theme.

"You know, I thought covered wagon meant it was the theme of the room" said Susan.

She expected a queen sized bed in this western themed hotel.

"When we got there they said, no, that's where you're going to be staying. in the covered wagon" said Susan. "I said, no no no. My husband is 84. I'm 72."

Susan had found Heart Six Ranch. It's located in Moran, Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park. Instead of a western themed room, she had actually booked a covered wagon. No restroom and no doors.

"They've got big road signs that say beware of the bears. I mean neon signs," said Susan. "To not have a door and you're in a covered wagon, bears could come visiting you."

A misunderstanding. Susan says staff helped book accommodations at a nearby hotel. Susan says ranch staff had promised to refund the three nights she booked - $417 - but she never got her money back.

The Let Joe Know team reached out to Heart Six Ranch. They say Susan was never due a refund. They say she booked on a third-party site with a non-refundable price and their "glamping wagon", as they called it, went unused.

Susan didn't dispute the charges with her credit card company or the booking site, thinking the hotel would refund her.

Be sure to double check the terms and conditions when booking online.

If you are booking last minute, it may be best to wait until you show up at the hotel to make sure it's where you want to stay.